Henrike Naumann: CONCEPTS

March 2024

Central to her practice, creating a concept always marks the start to develop a new work. Informed by her dense and exceptional research, these conceptual ‘papers’ function as the critical ‘work-ground’, before they turn into sculptures, installations and artistic interventions. They further expand, become working notes, project proposals or discursive statements.

Developed by Naumann as an artist book, this massive (sic) publication brings together almost 400 images and 100 concepts in her own words, ranging from the beginning of her practice to the latest installations. With many unrealized or never published project ‚papers‘, CONCEPTS also developed into a rare record and documentation of Naumann’s critical thought, writing and working process.

design by Johannes Büttner

Walter Benjamin: Dreams


Edited with text by Burkhardt Lindner

Though published during his lifetime, Walter Benjamin’s dream notes and theoretical reflections on dreams are collected here for the first time in a single volume.

Dreams highlights a dimension of Benjamin’s thinking that was invaluable for his writing and thought but which has thus far received little attention. It is a comprehensive and chronological collection of Benjamin’s transcriptions of his own dreams and includes unpublished manuscript materials. The publication also features his theoretical reflections on dreams, ranging from short aphorisms and longer analyses of dream literature and the history of dreams to the political conception of a “dreaming collective” and its awakening.

Editor Burkhardt Lindner describes Benjamin’s literary approach to his own dreams in the epilogue and gives a sketch of Benjamin’s own definition of the dream sphere, independent of and in contrast to Surrealism and Freud’s interpretation of dreams.

school: Object #10

March 2024

In celebration of more than ten years of work, the space and collective school is releasing Object #10, a very special book/LP set with dear artists.

Thinking about a format that would translate the performativity of school‘s events rather than illustrate what has happened, they decided to focus on the voice as an important performative tool and as a live messenger of text. The series of interviews and conversations they initiated stems from their believe in the importance of strangers talking to each other.

As queer-feminist strategies, post-colonial conditions and possibilities of sustainable activism are school‘s cornerstones that nourish their political and private lives, the outcome of the conversations resulted in important and particular exchanges, no matter if on a completely personal or political level.

with Nadir Souirgi, Stanya Kahn, Tyler Cala, Wally Salner, Anahita Asadifar, Pille-Riin Jaik, Soraya Lutangu Bonaventure, Freedom Gospel Club, Firas Shehadeh, Raed Yassin, Phillip Sollmann, Yasmina Haddad, Pope Sangreta, Scott Mou, A group of Iranian artists, Roozbeh Gholami, Julia Grosse, Hanna Schwarz, Nils Amadeus Lange, Philipp Furtenbach

ed. by Yasmina Haddad and Andrea Lumplecker, design by Johnny Graf


Andreas Rost/El Lissitzky: Projekte zur Bestätigung des Neuen/Proun

Feb 2024

Die Publikation entsteht in Verbindung mit der Ausstellung im Kunstmuseum Moritzburg in Halle, das Andreas Rosts Serie „Projekte zur Bestätigung des Neuen“ von 2016 in den visuellen Dialog mit El Lissitzkys (1890–1941) Arbeiten der „PROUN“-Reihe bringt, die aus dem Sammlungsbestand stammt.

Auf einer Reise nach Minsk fotografierte Andreas Rost während nächtlicher Wanderungen die Formenwelt der stalinistischen Baukunst und entdeckte eine thematische „Verwandtschaft zwischen dem eklektischen Pomp der Boulevards und den einstigen Verheißungen der Moderne“ (Jurybegründung, Aenne-Biermann-Preis 2017). Damit werden Kernfragen der Moderne und der Konstruktivisten der 1920er Jahre aufgeworfen, die in der Ambivalenz zwischen Idealen und deren kompromissloser Durchsetzung liegen.

Design von Sarah Thußbas



Liz Johnson Artur


Following her exceptional first book, Johnson Artur‘s new publication follows a particular rhythm, capturing time and textures, individuals, settings and situated environments. Against a linearity, the reader follows a movement, can stop, flip back, re-enter at different moments. Nature, individual movements and curiosity on both sides seem to develop into a very special and rare exchange.

The publication again shows how Johnson Artur’s practice is deep embedded with the particularities and elements that make a book: touch, the haptic, pause, go, rhythm and surfaces with which to make sense of images. The moment when a photograph is only the beginning.


Jimmy Robert: The Man Who Envied Women

April 2024

Robert’s first substantial overview covering 20 years of work including his most recent exhibitions at Palais de Tokyo, Moderna Museet, Museion, Crac Sète, Nottingham Contemporary and Kunsthalle Baden-Baden.

It will include essays by Kirsty Bell, Elisabeth Lebovici, Bart van der Heide, Karolin Meunier and Çağla Ilk & Misal Adnan Yıldız. Given that Robert’s practice is profoundly engaged with im/materiality, paper, texture and performance, the book will correspond with this approach through formal elements, surfaces and papers.

Robert will also use it as a platform to crystalize his conceptual and dense, as well as open and processual steps in his work into another medium. The publication will further extend the site specifity and spatiality of his exhibitions and re-consider how a body can be perceived in other environments.

design by Santiago da Silva