Jimmy Robert:
Call and Response

artist record with booklet
vinyl, 31,5 x 31,5 cm
booklet 22 pages


Ed. by Künstlerhaus Bremen and Nadja Quante
with works by Ain Bailey, Emma Hedditch, Jane Ellison, Rosa Barba, Jimmy Robert

introduction by Nadja Quante, essay by Mason Leaver-Yap 
design by Wolfe Hall, London

co-published with the Künstlerhaus Bremen and Apparent Extent

ISBN 978-3-948546-14-4



The artist record Call and Response brings together sound works which were developed around Jimmy Robert’s performances and exhibitions. Created by him, but also in collaboration with Ain Bailey, Emma Hedditch, Jane Ellison, Rosa Barba, they give insights in the particularity of sound in his work, while also extend the exhibition and site-specific format.

The record was conceived by Nadja Quante and the Künstlerhaus Bremen following the exhibition la musique dans la chambre, which took place there in 2022. It addressed the question of how his performance works can continue to be shown apart from being performed again in exhibitions: How can one approach a performance work anew without re-staging it?

The exhibition focused particularly on sound and brought together videos, works on paper, as well as sculptural elements and sound created in the framework of his performances. Call and Response gives now the opportunity to experience some of these elements in other settings and expands what a spatial exhibition set-up can offer. 

with work by Ain Bailey, Emma Hedditch, Jane Ellison, Rosa Barba, Jimmy Robert, an introduction by Nadja Quante and an essay by Mason Leaver-Yap