Unangenehme Gefühle/Uneasy Feelings

(ed.) Sonja Cvitkovic and
Megan Francis Sullivan

contributions by
Aisha Butt, Amanda Holmes,
Ana-Maria Hadji-Culea, Amy
Lien and Enzo Camacho,
Sonja Cvitkovic, Birgit
Megerle, Cornelia Kastelan,
Fiona McGovern, FLAME,
Heike-Karin Föll, Helmut
Draxler, Inka Meißner,
Isabelle Fein, Josephine
Pryde, Kate Dervishi,
Megan Francis Sullivan,
Kerstin Cmelka and
Michaela Meise

Design by
Marine Drouan and
Sonja Cvitkovic

21 x 29 cm, 91 pp.
w/ 51 col. images

engl. w/ some
German texts

co-published with Black Palm and S.I.G.

ISBN 978-3-9813370-5-1


„Unangenehme Gefühle“ is based on a symposium about feelings, that revolved around difference, unruliness, contradiction, and fragmentation as something to address instead of suppress. The event itself borrowed the structure of the symposium – the speaker, the audience, the moderator, and the setting – as a potential performative and communicative site. It included panels, screenings, exhibition and performances with various personalities from the field of art.

the temptation to speak

There is something to be said for not speaking unless you are spoken to. It avoids conflicts, embarrassment, the discomfort of tightened throats. In fact, it’s not even clear what is to be said. Nonetheless, one sometimes has the temptation to speak.

multiple system

„I try to limit my states to two per day, one in the morning and one in the evening. I am sometimes alienated at my own range of behaviors. Mixed bodies, multiple personalities, various roles and hierarchies and contradicting selves.“

Symposium Trailer