Sara Mackillop: Publications 2008 – 2018

21 x 29,7 cm
ca 90 pages
with folded A2 poster


ISBN 978-3-9813370-8-2

a Special Edition will become available 

Publications 2008-2018 presents MacKillops self-published material from the last decade, covering around more than 40 publications and objects. They are notable for their diverse range of format and style often using pre- existing publications as a starting point. MacKillop usually begins working with different materials, “looking at something in the wrong way or purposely misunderstanding it”, while in the end the format becomes a book, an artwork as an endpoint itself. Most publications over the period have been self published or produced with small press.

For Publications 2008-2018 MacKillop choose a conceptual play on the book on books format itself, by printing a poster displaying all publications and only inserting it into a blank book.